About Me

You know when you have an awesome idea it isn’t yours alone, but the idea from the good Lord, Himself! So, here it is..the great “God idea” He bestowed upon me a bit ago. Unfortunately, it has taken me a hot minute to receive the information needed to fulfill His command. And now I am able to share with you and am overly excited in doing so. Instead of me writing about “me”, I have called upon the help of many to share two to three sentences of who I am to them and who they see me as. If I sat and wrote about who I am to “me”, I wouldn’t be able to do me justice. I would have left out the most vital and important things God has and is still creating in me to become the person He is calling me to be. So, I hope you enjoy all of the inspiring words from not only my beautiful children but also from my family and loved ones. Thank you for hitching a ride on this crazy, but exciting rollercoaster I like to call “life”! I pray that one day you will be able to also see me through the eyes of so many I love and adore. But most importantly of all I pray that you will see Jesus in me!

“My mom is my best friend!”~~~~Thaddaeus

“My mom is my best friend and my rock. The person I look up to.”~~~~Nikita

“My mom is my twin, my dad, and everything in between! A lot of changes have happened over the past two years, and we have so many more to come. We grow closer as life brings us further apart.”~~~~Amore

“My sister is…adorable!”~~~~Bobby

“Athena is not only a dear friend but a true inspiration! When I think of her, the word ‘praise’ comes to mind. If she’s not singing to the Lord, she’s reading, writing, or talking about Him. There is no greater friend to have than the one who is becoming like Jesus day by day.”~~~~Lindsey

“You are a fiercely protective mama that always puts your children’s needs above your own. You look delicate but are tough as they come and can survive any situation with grace. You are a friend that you can call when things are bad or when you want to celebrate. I always know you will make time for me!”~~~~Tricia

“You are a daughter with a gift. You have overcome incredible trials. The best mom I know and you did everything with strength and wisdom. You are my beautiful daughter and I love you so much!”~~~~ Sharon

“You are a strong, inspiring woman who loves the Lord. Who does so much for her children and others. I look up to you. I love you!”~~~~Renee