Artist At Age 73

Norell Gudaitis

Norell Gudaitis picture of Moses

Norell Gudaitis “Reach For The Moon” 2013

My Grandmother has been painting since she was the age of 73. Her technique and style are very unique. She started out painting Folk art, I personally enjoy her pictures of my children!

Norell Gudaitis March 27, 2017

Norell Gudaitis March 27, 2017

Norell Gudaitis May 6, 2017

Over the last few years her paintings have transitioned from Folk art into colorful and more abstract.

Norell Gudiatis 2018

She has always let God speak through her to inspire her work. My grandmother has used numerous objects to creat her amazing work. She has used the wild weeds and flowers from out doors to make exquisite designs in her paintings. She has also used wax paper, as well as any thing she sees that she can use to as she says “make something out of”.

Norell Gudaitis 2018

Norell Gudaitis 2018

She has always inspired me, especially at a young age; not only with her singing in her very own bands, but also how much she loves her family and God. Every time she walks in a room she is like a magnet; people just cling to her radiant glow.

As my grandmother has gotten older, she doesn’t let her age hold her back. Truly an amazing woman!

Not only does she paint, but she also knits.

When my brother and I were younger we would anticipate every Christmas on getting a pair of our grandma’s booties. As we ripped open the wrapping paper, with gleams of light in our eyes in excitement, we would slip those babies on our feet.

We would run and slide to see who could go the furthest. It was a time I pray I never forget.

The joy never faded, but only grew as I would watch my very own children do the same exact thing with their set of grandma’s booties! As time went on my grandmother no longer made booties, but instead she made us hats, scarfs, and neck warmers.

Still at the age of 90, she continues to knit, as well as paint for those she loves.

Norell Gudaitis

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I do hope you have enjoyed looking at just a few my grandma’s many artistic masterpieces!


October 2018

*Edited by Tara C

Published by ~~Athena~~

Mother of 3 beautiful kiddos with a passion for writing, music, and for the Lord! We have had many ups and downs, but God has been faithful through it all. For that I am truly grateful and in awe of Him!

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