What Are We Longing For?

Are we longing for Hope?! Peace?! Joy?! Or are we all longing for Love?!

Whatever it is that your heart desires and longs for God sees! I believe that the one thing we are all truly longing for is love and a sense of belonging!

Without love can we really have a sense of belonging?

Without love can we really have hope, peace, and joy?

Can we have love without the love of Christ burning so richly and deeply within our souls?

With 2020 closing and coming to an end, I have been reflecting on how hard this year has been. But, I also realize that every year we journey through has had its fair share of heartaches and disappointments, as well as, losses and failures. Lord, knows my family and I have had more than our share. I do agree that some years may have been worse than some, but as I walk with my beautiful Savior it is hard for me to not only focus on the circumstances of defeat, but also on the good each year has brought out of the not so good.


We don’t just need hope, peace, joy, and love only for the advent seasons, but for every single day we have breath in our lungs to live with passion and empathy. To live with honor and dignity, honesty and integrity each day God gives us. We not only need to stand united when the enemy comes to take our freedom and defile our rights; but we must stand united as one nation, one race, one creed, and one people under the God who made us in His own image. God made both, you and I, His prized possessions no matter our background, where we live or come from, or the color of our skin!

God provided us with His great LOVE; His Only Son to come and show us exactly how we must live and treat one another. Hope, peace, joy, and love make up just a few of the many attributes of who Jesus is, and who He calls you and I to be towards one another.

God also provided us a way of freedom from our own sinful ways that’s many of us take for granted every day. Jesus is our sacrificial Lamb who died on that old rugged cross in our place. He gives us eternal life of many riches! He wants us to have a long lasting, eternal, close and intimate relationship with Him. He wants the same for us as we walk life with those around us.

16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him” John 3:16-17 NIV

As we step out of 2020 into 2021 and the many years that follow may we step into faith! May we step into hope, peace, joy, and most of all LOVE! May we strive to not only do our best to see others through the eyes of our loving Savior, but through each others eyes. May we live each day asking for more of Jesus and less of self. I have been praying for this very thing for the last several years. And y’all, God is so faithful to answer the very prayers that strip us from ourselves and personal gain in order to let love reign.

This LOVE is the very thing that casts out all darkness and brings it into a great, marvelous, radiant and glorious light!

I am no scholar nor do I pretend to be; but one thing I am sure of is this: God is the very asset who keeps us loving and fighting! I am thankful to God for His Holy Spirit and for the many gifts He has bestowed upon me! Without Him I could not have great joy of writing His words of truth, love, and wisdom for you to hear and ponder upon! Whether you have a relationship with Christ or not, I pray for you and that these words would not stop you, but instead encourage you to “keep fighting the good fight”!

“Fight the good fight of faith. Take hold of the eternal life which you were called when you made your confession in the presence of many witnesses” 1 Timothy 6:12 NIV

May God bless you and keep you, make his face shine upon you and give you His great love and peace that surpasses all things! Numbers 6:24-26

Always remember you have a Mighty Warrior King who fights for you and you are more treasured beyond all compare!

May the LORD Almighty bless you and yours richly!


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Published by ~~Athena~~

Mother of 3 beautiful kiddos with a passion for writing, music, and for the Lord! We have had many ups and downs, but God has been faithful through it all. For that I am truly grateful and in awe of Him!

4 thoughts on “What Are We Longing For?

  1. Excellent. I am so pleased with this new writing. You have inspired me since you were born. You have grown into the most incredible woman. You have over come so many tragedies in your life and these tragedies have open doors for you. Your journey is just begining, let God continue to lead you through each writing. I am really so proud of you honey. Blessings to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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