Is It Hard To See God’s Plan For Your Life?

Hi there! I know it has been awhile and for that I am greatly sorry. A lot has changed since the last time we spoke. I wanted to share with one of the newsletters I had sent out in July. At this point in my life my circumstances were very different than they are now.Continue reading “Is It Hard To See God’s Plan For Your Life?”

It’s Not Fair

Have you ever said these words?Have you ever said these words to God? I certainly have! And, I really want to say these exact words right here in this very moment. Today, October 30, 2020, we witnessed yet another parole hearing for the murder of my fiancé (my children’s father) Eric, and another man. WeContinue reading “It’s Not Fair”

What Are We Longing For?

Are we longing for Hope?! Peace?! Joy?! Or are we all longing for Love?! Whatever it is that your heart desires and longs for God sees! I believe that the one thing we are all truly longing for is love and a sense of belonging! Without love can we really have a sense of belonging?Continue reading “What Are We Longing For?”

Loss And Grief Go Hand and Hand, But There Is Hope!

There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for sudden loss. I believe grief, rejection, and loss, are three of the most difficult things to overcome in this life, but IT IS possible! As we grow into adulthood, and face new losses and rejection; I believe it’s harder to heal if you haven’tContinue reading “Loss And Grief Go Hand and Hand, But There Is Hope!”

Artist At Age 73

Norell Gudaitis Norell Gudaitis picture of Moses Norell Gudaitis “Reach For The Moon” 2013 My Grandmother has been painting since she was the age of 73. Her technique and style are very unique. She started out painting Folk art, I personally enjoy her pictures of my children! Norell Gudaitis March 27, 2017 Norell Gudaitis MarchContinue reading “Artist At Age 73”

Introducing Grandma G, And Yes She’s 90!

I cannot begin to express how much this lovely lady means to me. She is my grandma, my best friend, and my mentor. When I was a little girl, it was my Grammy who God used to plant the seed of prayer into my life. I don’t remember a summer growing up when my bigContinue reading “Introducing Grandma G, And Yes She’s 90!”

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