Thank You God For Your Love

I’m a child of God! And I am saying this to whom it may concern. People are always saying… “I’m stressed out”. I don’t even know what the word ‘stress’ means. But stress (from what they tell me) is when you get angry. If they all love God, and trust in God, they wouldn’t have stress. And by the way…have you ever seen ‘stress’ in the Bible? No! Because it’s a man-made word. I believe, and trust, in God for everything He has done for me. He gave me the power to understand His love for me. He also gave me the power to pray, and to trust, and to believe in His love, because there isn’t a man on this earth who can give me what God has given me! And Jesus is all the world to me. My life, my joy, my own! He is my friend from day to day. He gives me sunshine and He gives me harvest grain. When I leave this world, and go home with God, He has a place for me! For the Bible tells me so, and as long as the Bible tells me that, I know it’s God talking. I will be faithful and trust God! He is my Father, my Mother, and my Friend. He does so much for me and I appreciate that.

From all the love of the heart that God gave me, because He will make me shine from here “until the time of never” (a song)


Grandma G

September 2018

*Edited by Tara C